Friday, January 8, 2016

An Introduction Through Epithets

Hey there, folks. I'm Lindsey Alvord, an animation major studying concept design for games. I suppose I shouldn't get too descriptive, since I do need to make some epithets for myself... without further ado, here are some titles.

Maker of Worlds: 
I love world building. Its my way of telling stories, creating fantastical concepts, and one of the many forms I choose to create in. I'm a dungeon master for Dungeons and Dragons on occasion. As nerdy as it sounds, it's probably one of the more intense design experiences I've ever done. Not to mention, I get to share storytelling talents to others, and allow for some escapism. If anyone who plays the game is interested, I mostly play tieflings. Because tieflings.

Figure 1: A Tiefling hur hur. 

Illuminator of Imagination: 
Illustration roughly means to illuminate. Telling a story through images. As a concept artist and illustrator, I find this to be very true. Drawing and paintings are what I truly love to do. You'll likely see me with a sketch pad out all the time as I listen to lecture, among other things.

Lover of Snakes:
Yes, you heard correctly. I love snakes. I love most reptiles, but I love snakes. I currently own an adorable ball python. Last I measured her, she was around 26 inches. She's likely a tad bigger now. I've owned her since she was around two months old. Don't get me wrong, cats and dogs are cool. But, there's something about my ball python that makes me happy inside. She's so purdy. 

Jiji says hello!
Master of Video Games: 
Master might by a bit of an overstatement, but it sounds way better than player of video games. I've been playing games since I can remember. I veer toward the RPG and adventure realm of the genre. MMO's also play a part (I love huge worlds to explore, after all) and my current favorite is Guild Wars 2, because I get to play as a giant lady who smashes hammers at things. Hammers are great. 

That about wraps it up for my introduction. Hope you're not scared off yet!